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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A friend called me just now asking why he couldn’t login to e-gold today, something like the password has been changed. Few hours back, he received an email saying that some ’security changes’ has been applied from e-gold. What he does not know is that keyloggers are the devil programs running anonymously on his PC.

If one day you receive an email from your bank confirming your transaction that you never did, it is possibly after someone has happily spying on you. They read every texts you type.

There are some ways that I can remember on how these bad programs end up on your PC:

1. You have install some programs called freeware or shareware or any other wares that doing something in the background.

2. You have visited some websites that asked you to install something and you just click “Yes”.

3. You have downloaded an evaluation copy of a good software and later find the unlock key from bad sites and run the patch program.

4. You have received some cool games in emails and immediately install all of them.

5. You have followed a link in an email and do some installations.

6. You are looking here and there for a spyware remover and found a web claiming to be able to remove all kind of spywares and install the remover happily.

7. You have visited some sexy websites and install the free screen savers.

Bla bla… there are a lot more ways to get you infected. The best way to get rid of these (if you get confused now) is reformatting the PC and use only that PC for online bankings or tradings. Be sure not to share it with anyone else.

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